Here you can read the Asus L210 Notebook Overview.

Asus L210 Notebook Overview

Asus L210 Notebook

Asus L210 One of the hottest new notebooks to look at in the market. The Asus L210  is undoubtedly one of the best-promoting notebooks on Amazon that gets excellent opinions from buyers. ASUS has bought out another winner in the Asus EEE PC 1215N Notebook, offering an ideal mobile computing experience for the discerning customer. This sleek notebook, Launched just some months ago, supports a selection of exciting features such as glorious picture resolution, sooner response time etc., making it an immediate bestseller. Not surprisingly, it can be discovered online at quite a few outlets. Do not spend greater than you must, however! Some websites tag huge shipping fees that may hike the final cost. You can find out all it’s essential to know about the Asus EEE PC Seashell 1215N-PU17 here, together with the place to purchase the Asus L210 -SL right now for the lowest possible price. Here you can read the Asus L210 Notebook Overview.


In case you’ve decided on this model, make sure you order now while stocks are available to keep away from disappointment. So let’s get down to what makes this notebook stand out from different notebooks on the market? When searching for a notebook, most customers look for excellent resolution, excellent readability, rich colours, great audio, and a smoother gaming motion if they’re gamers. The Asus L210  scores extraordinarily excessive on all these factors and gets glowing evaluations from customers. Let’s look at what makes this notebook stand out from the rest.

Asus L210 Having more compact laptops capable of undertaking basic tasks such as accessing the Internet and checking email is an original innovation of Asus. The basic specifications allowed these netbook computers to be lightweight with above-average battery life plus the cost is far lower than midrange 14-inch notebooks. Multitasking is frequently fairly restricted due to overall sluggishness, particularly if they’re using later versions of Windows. Faster hardware was used in the Asus 1201N. However, the key effect was that the battery life was short. The next effort hopes to achieve increased portability and improved overall performance plus good value.

dual core


The Asus EEE PC Notebook contains a dual-core Intel Atom D525 processor that better manages tasks that are a bit demanding. Since it offers 2 GB of RAM MEMORY, it works significantly better with most other programs operating simultaneously, even with Windows 7. Like its predecessor, the 1215N features the NVIDIA ION GPU, which allows you to playback 1080p content via HDMI with no hiccups. It also makes it unexpectedly capable of playing various 3D video games titles.

The performance significantly exceeds other solutions for integrated graphics, though you should use the lowest settings with the online games you play. Integrated graphics are highlighted since this will not drain electricity, a plus when you’re not plugged in. The default GPU is the Intel GMA 3150 graphics integrated, which is good. The NVIDIA Optimus technological innovation conveniently switches to the NVIDIA ION the instant a demanding 3D program or game is launched. This allows the 1215N to perform for more than 5 hours of regular usage.

They squeezed in extra pixels due to the screen size. Everything runs pretty well, and also, there is certainly sufficient workspace for most tasks with 1366 by 768 resolution. At an excellent 96% of the full size, the keyboard permits touch typists to type with only minor adjustments. It is additionally quite futureproofed since it has a USB 3. 0 port in addition to the normal pair of USB 2. 0 ports, so compatible external hard drives get a significant speed boost.


The Asus EEE PC 1215N notebook is a bit heavier when compared with other netbook computers, although nothing too serious. Its smaller size causes it to be less bulky if traveling, and it weighs in at under three and a half lbs. The touchpad’s usability could be enhanced. Resistance and clicking of the control keys are a little annoying. A USB computer mouse gets around this.


Without compromising efficiency for the important programs and the occasional Warcraft, the Asus EEE PC 1215N notebook compares favourably to the others, who though they can run for 8 – 10 hours without needing charging, tend to be less app-friendly.

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